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Empowering hotels to thrive with clarity and simplicity.

Amaze makes data analysis accessible and understandable, enabling hotels to quickly and easily understand the trends and patterns hidden within their data. Our team is dedicated to delivering actionable insights that help our customers unlock the full potential of their data.

Analytics & Reporting

Optimize performance for hotels by providing immediate access to the right information at the right time, ensuring that the best decisions are made. This can help improve overall efficiency and productivity within the hotel. Empower hotel leadership with timely access to crucial information, allowing them to make informed decisions, which ultimately leads to improved operations and better sales performance.

analytics and Reporting for hotels
all key insights in a single dashboard

Above Property & Centralized Reporting

Single pane of glass view that gives a consolidated look at your entire portfolio or any subset of the portfolio. Information can be pulled from all of the major sales and catering systems in a consistent and easy-to-read and understand format. Instead of pulling multiple reports from disparate systems and installs, Amaze allows access to all key insights in a single dashboard.

Custom Reporting Solutions

Best-in-class reports are ready right out of the box with Amaze and are built with deep industry knowledge and expertise. If additional or custom reports are needed, our dedicated team will work with you on your custom reporting needs.

custom reporting solutions
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