Actionable Insights to Optimize Revenue

Amaze provides hospitality partners with the reporting and analytics they need to remain competitive and optimize revenue. Our platform allows hotels to view all key insights across their entire portfolio in a single dashboard.

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Tables are for Sunday dinners. Not lost revenue.

Wave goodbye to those lost Sunday nights and revenue. Amaze Insights is your key to turning information chaos into cash—delivering the right information right now. With crystal-clear insights, we're making missed opportunities a thing of the past.

The Right Information at the Right Time.

The leading hospitality reporting platform; designed to ensure that hotel brands, management companies, and individual properties have the right information at the right time to make optimal business decisions. Amaze helps customers achieve a remarkable increase in occupancy and revenue.

Analyze to identify and address gaps.

Adapt to changing needs immediately.

Maximize productivity and revenue.

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Turn Insights Into Opportunities

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Analytics & Reporting

Instant insight into your team's performance, output, and opportunities.

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Centralized Reporting

Adjust strategies on the spot with comprehensive pipeline, funnel and pacing analysis.

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Custom Reporting

Accurate, streamlined and reliable reports, for individual and above property analysis.

Make Informed Decisions.

Our dream team has leveraged our tremendous industry experience to innovate our breakthrough platform which helps our customers make smarter decisions and gain competitive advantage.

Amaze works with all major industry sales systems to provide a comprehensive view into key data points, presented in an easily digestible, single view platform.

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"They have the perfect formula - always willing to assist, making sure we had the support to use their solution to its fullest capacity."

- Anne Zammattio, Sonesta | Corporate Director of Sales Effectiveness