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I am so excited to announce the official launch of Amaze Insights, a new venture that will revolutionize the way the hospitality industry views and accesses data. This new company is a result of my passion for data and reports in the hospitality industry, along with my desire to make this information accessible and impactful to my clients.

I need to back up (just a few decades) and start by saying I will be forever grateful to my bosses and leaders who helped put me on this path. Wendy Bonvechio, Jean Spaulding and Carla Murray were THE BEST bosses a young woman could have asked for when starting out in this industry. Together, we moved from paper function diaries, dictation and typewriters to DOS Delphi, the internet and email. It was an extraordinary time, and these women taught me the hotel industry from the ground up. Through their examples, they showed me how to be a strong female leader in a male dominated industry. They taught me about sales processes, what is impactful and what data mattered. I cannot tell you how many times I went into Carla Murray’s office and asked her to please explain STLY to me just one more time!

Over the past 25 years, I’ve been asked countless times to create custom reports or explain existing ones to my many hospitality clients. I’m a bit of a nerd, and I truly LOVE reporting. I love the science of it, and the indisputable fact that data doesn’t lie – or rather, accurate data doesn’t lie. I find comfort in the numbers and the reliability of them.

I know many people do not share this love of data and reports with me. Throughout my career, I’ve wanted to bridge the gap between the technical and the user. I was determined to find a way to display information and systems that is truly impactful to the recipient, a way that didn’t require an analyst to make sense of information. Through Jaime Job Consulting, we’ve been able to do that. My team and I at JJC have truly strived to provide the best possible service to our clients. We’ve taken the technical out of the hands of the hotel teams so they can focus on what they were hired to do. Rest assured; Jaime Job Consulting isn’t going anywhere! I will still lead this team and our unparalleled support will continue.

In order to expand reporting solutions and offerings to my hospitality family, it became clear that it was time to build something new. I wanted to build something bigger, that could truly address these critical needs in a much more elevated and seamless way. We’ve been working on this product for a couple of years now, and I am thrilled to be formally launching Amaze Insights! With our amazing new offering, we have created a true solution to reporting that is unparalleled in our industry.

I could not ask for better partners in this venture – Mike Kennie is a brilliant data architect, whose knowledge of hospitality sales data is unparalleled. Nick Horgan is the BEST salesperson in our industry, and his enthusiasm and love for his clients is truly contagious. Together with our hospitality partners, we will transform how our beloved industry views and accesses data.

Please reach out to me or anyone on our Amaze Insights team to join us on our incredible journey! We’d love to show you what we’ve done.

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Jaime Job

Jaime was the visionary behind the Amaze Insights platform and leads company operations and expansion efforts. With a wealth of experience behind her, Jaime is widely recognized as a hospitality industry expert with a passion for helping companies increase their bottom-line revenues.

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