Ford Blakely joins Amaze Insights as Executive Chairman

Ford Blakely, Amaze Insights, Executive Chairman

Amaze Insights announced that Ford Blakely, the Founder and CEO of messaging platform Zingle, acquired by Medallia in 2019, will join the company as the Executive Chairman. 

“Hospitality still has some puzzling technology gaps in certain key areas,” said Ford. “Hotel leadership teams are stuck in the dark ages, managing their reports and analytics through Excel and other basic databases.”

The idea for Amaze Insights was created by Jaime Job, a leading hospitality industry expert, and Mike Kennie, an expert in designing, developing, and implementing enterprise-scale data platforms.

The Amaze platform aims to streamline the data reporting process for hotels and hospitality groups, assisting property leaders, management companies, ownership groups, and brands in making intelligent and informed decisions that lead to success.

“This gap in technology has to change for hoteliers, and that’s why I’ve decided to help grow the company, Amaze Insights. I strongly believe this company is a game-changer for analytics and data in the hospitality industry.

What impressed me the most was its simplicity. The platform offers an easy solution to something that’s desperately needed. The hospitality industry thrives on data, perhaps more than any other industry. The right platform will dramatically improve the lives of hoteliers and the services they provide while increasing profits across the board,” said Ford.

Since Ford partnered with Amaze six months ago, the company has grown sixfold and is now used in over 1800 hotels. Ford attributes this to the product and team “clearly having that special something.” 

Read the full announcement by Ford Blakely here.

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Jaime Job

Jaime was the visionary behind the Amaze Insights platform and leads company operations and expansion efforts. With a wealth of experience behind her, Jaime is widely recognized as a hospitality industry expert with a passion for helping companies increase their bottom-line revenues.

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